Constructive Interference (تداخل بناء)

By Rasheed Gillespie and Mohammed Hanif One drop I happenedto notice in the torrent --ever cascading. Suddenly I sawthe drop return to its home --divine welcoming. Ripples upon seasflowing past comprehension --all is one; One is. Wave rolls upon wave,hiding what lies beneath all --plunge, diver! Dare, drown!

“Attempted Conversion”

This is my first attempt at two very different things, the first of which is dealing in any way with Urdu poetry (this particular piece is by the great Ghālib). I have also not heretofore tried my hand at composing English alliterative or accentual verse--so here you have it. Enjoy, if at all possible!

“Woe to the Rebels!” (ويل لكم يا شباب الخوارج)

You dreamt of days of cavaliers upon heaving chargers, lances levelled, swords drawn, ripping through ranks of worthy foes arrayed; martyrdom's price would not go left unpaid. But you're no knight, the bit's between your teeth; corrupted hands you placed your reins beneath. They grip and rip and tell you where to turn and spur …

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