“Talhah’s Omelette” (عجّة لطلحة)

Silky white ribbons –
nimbus rising in a sea
of gold. Breakfast time!


4 thoughts on ““Talhah’s Omelette” (عجّة لطلحة)

  1. Hello there Abu Talhah,

    I am in a situation that needs your help. I am at my wits’ end with regarding to how to find good Muslims who can see through the deception the Left has wrought on the world, especially with regard to Sheikh Omar Suleiman, a man I hold in high regard. He has recently decided to side with Black Lives Matter and adopted victimhood rhetoric that is similar to the Left. This makes me feel really disturbed, even though in the past I have seen him condemning ISIS and terrorists in the strongest terms. Do you think Omar Suleiman is a trustworthy man?


    • I’ll tell you plainly, I study theology and Islamic law. These political and social issues/movements, unless they relate directly, lie decidedly outside my ken (especially issues that are predominantly American – I began living in the UK before all of that really took off). With that being said, I don’t completely trust anyone -Muslim or not – but Shaykh Atabek Shukurov and those students of his he’s given permission to teach.

      Maybe you could explain why you think it’s such a bad thing he’s shown support for them, and I’ll be in a better position to give you my thoughts.


      • Simple: BLM lies. They say black people are unjustly killed by the police because they hate black people. There is a little truth to it, buth most of it is overblown. The police only killed people who show signs of violence, and there has been many police deaths committed by black perpetrators too. Black people in America are not “oppressed”: they are given all chances to succeed, yet they do not want to follow through with that. Omar Suleiman has recently decided to side with black people because he thinks they are oppressed. I believe that he is a good guy because I have seen him condemning terrorist attacks before, but I feel like he buys too much into the left wing narrative of “oppresive minorities”, so I am not sure if I could trust him for now.

        Maybe you could ask your Shaykh about Omar? To see if he’s trustworthy?


      • I think you should continue doing as any reasonable person should and take the good from wherever it comes, and leave the bad. He may condemn terrorism, et cetera, but still – if I’m not mistaken – refers to the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibnul Qayyim al-Jawziyyah as authorities in the religion. People who don’t openly affiliate with a madhhab in either fiqh or `aqīdah, combined with the above, tend to draw my suspicion. He may have his reasons though, and until I hear anything more concrete he has the benefit of my doubt.

        With all due respect to him, he seems to be a popular speaker who’s learned a few things and knows Arabic – not a classically trained scholar or student of one. I do have a lot of respect for Nouman Ali Khan, with whom he’s affiliated. I doubt my Shaykh, who is a high-level classical scholar, even has him on his radar though to be honest.


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