“In Defense of Atheism”* (دفاع الملحد)

I just killed a man. I've eaten my fill - kids starve. God is so unjust! *Please note: this is a senryuu, not a haiku.

“The Four Seasons of Faith” (الفصول الدين)

A lone swallow perched reciting to the blossoms. A kingdom in prayer. High sun beating down a gull stood on the pier - truce. Fish happy to fast. Breadcrumbs form ripples. A fam'ly of ducks leaves them for those who have none. The wrens descend from frost-bitten mountain forests singing "we are Yours." Boughs ever …

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“An October Evening’s Ligature” (الصلاة المغرب في الخريف)

Silver tracked across the brilliance of the Sun’s wounds. Dirge of the magpie. Along crisp, dry wind floating - the beckoning call. Thither do I go. Outside, red leaves fall. Through cold air, I march to my own forehead's Autumn. Crossing the portal - raised hands, splash of cold water. Now in audience. Sloughed off …

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